The CVG Difference

What makes CVG Unique?

The Caswell Vlachos Group is different from most M&A firms in a number of ways:

  • CVG focuses typically on the the under-served $2 million to $15 million transaction size market, working with clients throughout New England, and is sell-side almost exclusively – i.e. representing business owners as opposed to buyers.
  • CVG is compensated based upon its effectiveness with its interests aligned with that of its clients.  The great preponderance of firm revenue comes in the form of success-based fees.
  • While we work with the full spectrum of potential acquirers, including strategic, private equity and family office buyers, CVG’s continuing, long-term focus and reputation for developing and working with owner-operator buyers, which often represent the best acquirers for companies under $15 million, is a key difference maker and important to our success.
  • CVG works extensively with clients and their advisers to gain an understanding of the business, its marketability and potential sale value.  There is never any expense to potential clients for this upfront, extensive review and discussion, which is necessary to help ensure the business owner is ready and that his or her overall goals have a good likelihood of being met, and that working with CVG is the right potential solution.
  • CVG limits the number of engagements it takes on to ensure that a very high level of service is maintained and is dedicated to producing the best results possible for each owner-client.  
  • CVG constantly endeavors to foresee and mitigate issues that could threaten or disrupt the sale process or ultimate business value.
  • CVG’s principals have extensive experience owning, managing and growing a variety of companies, ranging from smaller start-up firms to a publicly traded bank.  Importantly, Greg, Steve,  David and Mike understand what it is like to be in their client’s situation.
  • CVG is known for maintaining professionalism and confidentiality, and for facilitating strong working relationships with the various advisers engaged by both seller and buyer.
  • CVG thrives on the challenge of making the most out of each situation – whether this challenge comes in the form of achieving the best sale terms possible or completing an exceptionally difficult assignment.

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