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Current Business Offerings from CVG, Business Acquisition

CVG works with a limited number of clients in order to provide a high degree of service combined with maximum confidentiality. Our list of clients seeking to be acquired is constantly changing and, for confidentiality reasons, not always immediately listed here.  We encourage you to visit with us often, either through our website, e-mail or by phone.

Current Business Offerings

Multiple Location Distributor – New England

Well-established distributor, $12 million in revenue.  Consistently quite profitable and considered to have strong potential for growth.  Though the acquirer could be a strategic buyer, considered an excellent opportunity for an owner-operator buyer.  Available for discussion beginning December 1.

Consumer Products Company – Northeast

Fledgling company has developed several SKUs within a consumer products category that has received strong test-market acceptance and is available to be acquired by a significant industry participant.  The market size for this product category is huge and out client’s products are considered to have clear differentiating characteristics and advantages versus the market leaders.  Company has very significant IP protection for its designs and there is also strong potential using this IP for the development of a commercial product line.  Expected to be available for discussion beginning in early December.

Manufacturer of Proprietary Precision Systems – New England

Design, engineering and manufacturing firm, with precision proprietary products utilized by some of the largest industrial companies in the world.  Revenue (circa $1.5 million) and financial performance are dwarfed by the company’s overall potential.  Demand, however, for one of its product lines beginning mid-October is experiencing a huge increase and the potential in two other product areas remains very significant.  Valuable IP.  Marketing underway.

Designer/Manufacturer of Specialty Products – New England

Industry leader with well-known clientele.  Business has run into some headwinds the past two years, with revenue dropping from a consistent $6-7 million, and EBITDA in the area of $700K plus, to circa $4.5 million in revenue and significantly impacted earnings.  Remote ownership needs to sell and this represents a significant value opportunity.  Marketing underway.  Price to be determined.

New England – Precision Manufacturer

Specialty precision machining company with a specific, profitable focus. Current ownership has done a great job of refocusing the business over a relatively short period of time and sales are expected to up 33% to $2.0 million in 2019, then forecasted to reach $3.4 million and $4.4 million for 2020 and 2021, respectively. The business is expected to be increasingly significantly profitable at these levels.  Memorandum and descriptive materials currently under development and business expected to become available in January 2020.  Price to be determined.

General Contractor – Northeast

General contractor with a niche, profitable, focus.  Revenue, which averaged $19 million for the three years ending in 2018, can be quite variable as our client manages a relatively small number of large jobs, but is consistently profitable on a percentage of sales basis.  Unadjusted pre-tax profits averaged $1.8 million during this same three-year period.  While 2019 will be down materially from the three prior years, 2020 and 2021 are projected to be strong based upon contract/bid activity.  Expected to be available for consideration in early January.   Price to be determined.

Pending Business Offerings

Other Opportunities

While CVG is always in discussion with potential clients concerning their readiness and desire to be brought to market, and the strength of their potential fit with CVG, recent activity in this regard – the last six months in particular – has been exceptionally strong in this regard, so additional new client engagements are expected in the relatively near term.

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