About Us

CVG’s History

Caswell Vlachos Group, LLC  was founded in Portland in 2008 by Greg Caswell and Steve Vlachos with the purpose of establishing a mergers and acquisition practice that provided a high level of service and professionalism, and that delivered a better overall experience and transaction results, than other mergers and acquisitions firms or business brokers representing similar clients. Since then, Greg and Steve have been joined by David Murray in 2012 and Mike Wing in 2016, and have developed a team approach to working on business sale transactions that has proven very effective. This collaborative approach, in conjunction with their mutual focus on service and performance, has helped them achieve overall levels of success and customer satisfaction that significantly exceed industry standards for their target market.

Caswell Vlachos Group’s principals are seasoned professionals with decades of professional experience in finance, business management, consulting, business turnarounds, loan restructures, marketing, business start-ups and, most importantly, managing business sales from start to finish.  Their cross-industry experience; varied professional backgrounds; business, banking, investment banking and professional contacts; and results focused orientation and desire to provide high levels of service to their clients, allow them to achieve high levels of performance and customer satisfaction.

Gregory Caswell –

A co-founding principal of CVG in 2008, Greg had a successful career in commercial banking prior to moving to M&A advisory.  His banking career evolved to that of Chief Lending Officer, then President/CEO of Coastal Bank, Portland, Maine, for his last seven years there.  Greg led the publicly traded institution through its turnaround from the brink of closure by the FDIC to its successful re-emergence and eventual sale that represented a major win for pre and post reorganization shareholders, with the latter group achieving a 31.8% shareholder IRR.  He partnered with Steve in 2005 to focus on sell-side M&A, forming CVG in 2008.  Greg has developed strong relationships within the New England transaction community, including with legal and accounting firms, private equity and investment advisory firms, as well as other investment banks and commercial banks.  Greg is a co-founder and director of Nu:ionic Technologies, a Fredericton, New Brunswick based energy technology start-up, and has been a member of a number of not-for-profit boards, including six years on the Maine Board of Overseers, and is currently a member of the Boston chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth and the New England chapter of the Exit Planning Exchange. 

Stephen Vlachos –

Steve Vlachos, co-owner Caswell Vlachos Group LLCPartnering with Greg in 2005 and a co-founding principal of CVG in 2008, Steve had a successful career as an entrepreneur before moving to M&A in 2001. As the founder and owner of several businesses, along with an earlier corporate management background, Steve has a combination of business management experience and knowledge of what it takes to start, operate, grow and sell a successful business. He has been on both sides of the negotiating table. He understands the concerns of both business sellers and buyers, and has a deep understanding of the sweat equity and unique skills required to develop and grow a business, as well as the emotional impact of selling a company. Steve has successfully facilitated the sale of dozens of operating companies.


David Murray 

David Murray, consultant with Caswell Vlachos GroupDavid draws on over thirty years of financial, marketing and management experience in both large corporate and small business settings. At UNUM, David structured hundreds of institutional private debt and equity transactions, as well as managed troubled investments.  As a consultant, David supported numerous businesses on a wide variety of matters including strategic planning, capital acquisition, business valuation, business sales and business or business line acquisitions.  As a co-founder of Raven Technology, a manufacturer of vehicle mounted electric generators, David led the capital raising effort, marketing and product launch, and built the North American dealer network.  David has worked with the Caswell Vlachos Group since 2012.  David graduated from Bowdoin College, has an MBA from the University of Southern Maine and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Michael Wing –

Mike Wing, consultant Caswell VlachosMike affiliated with CVG in 2016 and has a long history of holding challenging manufacturing management and leadership positions.  Concurrent with his work with CVG, where he is primarily focused on providing support with regard to its manufacturing clients, Mike is a co-founder and President of Accelera, a start-up company that is developing advanced licensed and patented technology (originally developed by Harvard University) that is being developed into wearable technology to be used for joint and balance rehabilitation, for both the athletic and aging markets.  Mike’s manufacturing and business background includes executive management, as well as manufacturing, operations and turnaround management, as well as new product launches, plant redesigns and re-locations, and staffing training and restructuring.  Mike has teaching and program development experience at the university level, and currently serves as an adviser and director for several private and non-profit boards.        

Other Team Members – While Greg, Steve, David and Mike take the lead and complete the bulk of work relating to each engagement, they have a team of outside associates with strong skills in certain, specific areas that are called upon on an as-needed basis.

When it comes time to sell a business, including the development of creative transaction solutions, the Caswell Vlachos Group provides business owners with a resource that is fully committed to bringing about a successful sale while navigating as smoothly as possible through the sometimes difficult trials of the business sale process.