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Though the Caswell Vlachos Group represents only sellers, we spend a significant amount of our time working with prospective buyers to help them locate, analyze and close on CVG client companies. With other mergers and acquisition/investment banking firms available, it begs the question - why should a buyer choose to work with CVG? The answer – a CVG represented company is more likely to be involved in a successful sale transaction and with a smoother sale process.

  • CVG pre-qualifies its seller-clients to make sure they are committed to the selling process at the time of the engagement. CVG also takes steps to try to ensure there are no latent, unknown or under-reported issues that might derail the sale process.
  • CVG works hard to find “real” buyers. Among owner-operators, which represent the majority of buyers in the $2 million to $10 million transaction size range (CVG's primary area of focus), it is a relatively small percentage of potential acquirers that have the skills, financial capability and, most importantly, the willingness to put it all on the line with a business acquisition. CVG’s strong focus on identifying “real” buyers results in more time spent with interested, serious acquirers.

The “buyer” process – Whether you are an individual, corporate/strategic buyer or a private equity group, we need to get to know you. The fairly simple process:

  • Individuals – Hopefully we can get together in person, but if this is impractical, by phone. The execution of a Buyer Confidentiality Agreement, and a bio, resume or Linkedin connection, will also help us learn about you and your capabilities. The financial section of our BCA is important as we have a commitment to our seller-clients that the intimate details of their company will only be exposed to buyers that are likely to be able to complete such an acquisition. Importantly, prospective buyers will be immediately introduced to appropriate new opportunities as they become available. To access a Buyer Confidentiality Agreement, click here.
  • Corporate/Strategic Buyers – Though we may not currently represent a company that is a synergistic fit with your firm, we are in regular contact with prospective seller-clients that might be. The best way to proceed is to contact a CVG principal so we can get to know each other. Such dialog can lead to excellent acquisition opportunities.
  • Private Equity Groups/Other Financial Buyers – While we have an extensive private equity database, the more we can learn about what you are looking for and, perhaps as importantly, what you are not, can help us locate the right acquisition candidate, so feel free to contact us anytime.

Buyer Confidentiality Agreements or Confidentiality Agreements may be either faxed or scanned and e-mailed to us at the addresses on our Contact page.

Working together, once a CVG seller-client has been identified that appears to be a good fit, we will work with you and your advisors through every step of the sale structuring, negotiating, due diligence, financing and closing process. We can assist you in finding qualified accounting, legal and other due diligence advisors, as well work with you through the financing process, including introductions to banks and other potential sources of capital.


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