Caswell Vlachos Group
Headquartered in Portland, Maine.

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The Caswell Vlachos Group is different from most M&A firms in a number of ways:

  • CVG primarily focuses on the underserved $2 million to $10 million transaction size market and is sell-side almost exclusively - i.e. representing business owners as opposed to buyers.
  • While we work with the full spectrum of potential acquirers, including strategic, private equity and family office buyers, CVG's continuing, long-term focus on developing owner-operator buyers, often the best (and frequently only) acquirers for companies in our target market, is a key to our success.
  • CVG limits the number of engagements it takes on to ensure that a very high level of service is always maintained.
  • CVG is dedicated to producing the best results possible for each owner-client and achieving overall sale engagement success rates that far exceed industry averages.
  • CVG constantly endeavors to foresee and mitigate issues that could threaten or disrupt the sale process.
  • CVG’s principals had extensive experience owning, managing and growing a variety of companies, ranging from smaller start-up firms to a publicly traded bank.  
  • CVG is known for maintaining professionalism and confidentiality, and for facilitating strong working relationships with the various advisors engaged by both seller and buyer.
  • CVG thrives on the challenge of making the most out of each situation – whether this challenge comes in the form of achieving the best sale terms possible or completing an exceptionally difficult assignment.
  • CVG provides an initial, no cost review and discussions with prospective clients and their advisors to help ensure the business owner is ready and his or her goals have a good likelihood of being met.
  • CVG is compensated based upon its effectiveness - well in excess of 90% of firm revenue comes in the form of success-based fees.
A results oriented merger and acquisitions/business brokerage firm facilitating
ownership exit strategies and corporate acquisitions throughout New England.
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